Welcome to AKASS Engineering Helpdesk page

Tewodros Kassaye

The AKASS Helpdesk will be center point of contact for all user related issues.

AKASS  Engineering, as a project management firm of several outsourced projects for our esteemed customer, as well handling the maintenance of their ICT infrastructure, has integrated this online Trouble Ticket monitoring tool to its website. All incidents raised by our clients to AKASS will be logged and  monitored using this  web based Application. The follow up and resolution and follow up  process includes:

  • Call Receiving from Users by telephone, email or any convenient methods including text messages will be logged  :
    • Per User
    • Per PC
    • Per office ( or per site)
    • Per Project
  • an appropriate  case owner ( Engineer / programmer ) will be immediately assigned.
    • Event follow up process initiated including Call Escalation, Tracking and Closure until case is accepted by customer and is closed.
  • Reports shall be emailed  to the customers designated Co-coordinator as per agreed frequency:
  • Customer assigned  IT coordinator will be granted an access to  view/modify the status of issues based on the access level granted from AKASS.
  • Reports will be generated and presented to customer upon agreed frequency ( monthly/quarterly/ yearly) . This will help ur clients  asses the performance of their IT Infrastructure and pin-point the point of improvement required.


You can reach out to our Helpdesk during working hours at +251911242116 or by Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..